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Lonesome Old Home
Loftsstaðir is an abandoned farm in South Iceland.
The former reisident actually lives now at the next farm not far from his old decaying home. When I went there I had to climb over a fence to get closer to the house. At the time I didn´t know who the owner was or that he lived so close by so I failed to ask permission. Few minutes later I see a car driving my way on the old dirt road - he was going fast! It was the not so happy owner...
Apparently few years back someone had gone in the house and stolen alot of his old stuff so now he´s afraid that it might happen again.
I appolagized for intruding to ease the tension and when I told him what I was doing he settled down. I didn´t take more pictures though...


Last night I laid down everything was so fine
Had mother and dad so much on my mind
Thinking of home and the ones I love so
Everything was so great around the old home

Then I woke up I was a dreaming
No mother no dad no children a playing
Everything was so quiet everybody was gone
There was nothing left but a lonesome old home

Then I got up the sun was so bright
I looked all around but something's not right
I walked out the door and there on a hill
Stood two lonesome graves Lord it gave me a chill

As I stood there everything was so still
As I started to leave those lonesome old hills
Leaving behind where I used to roam
Momma and dad and a lonesome old home

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